Monday, November 30, 2009

Knitpro Symfonie Wood Needles arriving any day now!

We are very excited as the long awaited Symfonie Wood needles are due in the shop this week. As well as the single and double pointed needles plus crochet hooks and a few other bits we are also getting a limited number of sets in just in time for Christmas.

All needles come with sharp, tapered tips

» Available in extremely Attractive Colour Combination/Pattern

» Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong & durable

» Lustrous Wood Surface designed to provide more grasp to easily cope with slick yarns like angora and mohair

» A knitters best companion – smooth surface allows for hours of convenient knitting and the Symfonie wood provides that much–needed warmth to hands

So watch this space and I will post more details as soon as they arrive!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Workshop

The "Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef" is a worldwide project that marries mathematics, marine biology, handicraft, community art practice and environmental consciousness-raising. People all over the world - from London and New York to Capetown - are collectively crocheting coral reefs, a woolly testimony to the disappearing wonder of living reefs ... See Morethat are being devastated by global warming. At the workshop, participants will begin the process of making an "Irish Reef," to be exhibited alongside the international crochet reef collection at Science Gallery in Spring 2010.

We are delighted that Stitchlily will be running this workshop during our normal Crafty Knit and Stitchers group on Friday the 4th December at 10AM in the shop.

Visit blog or for more information.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Stash!

I was like a child in a sweet shop when I went into the shop today to see the new yarns I had ordered in so I treated myself to a ball or two!

My new stash includes all Sirdar yarns (Tiny Tots DK, Click Chunky and Escape Chunky). Now which one to start with?

One little girls cardigan complete!

Delighted I got ths finished so I can move on to the next knitting project. It actually knitted up really quickly but as always it is the 80:20 rule and it seemed to take forever to get it sewn up and buttoned. The buttons are some new ones that I just got into the shop and I was delighted with how they finished it off!

Yarn: Sirdar Big Softie

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SEW many projects SEW little time....

I am ridiculously excited as the lovely postie just delivered my gorgeous Sew book by Cath Kidston. I have gone a bit needlecraft book mad recently both for my personal and shop stash. I had no idea that the book included everything you need to make a bag (even though it says so literally on the cover) including the lovely material. So more gorgeous things to add to my list to make but first I better knock another item off the list before the day is out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mini Book for Sister

Terrible picture I know but this is the mini word book I completed for my sister. It is made using the Bo Bunny Friend Word album and was great fun to make. This is my first mini book and I can see how mini books can be so addictive!

Monday, November 9, 2009

To Make List

  • One sister's minibook gift
  • One little girl's cardigan
  • One Mother's cardigan
  • One little boy's cardigan
  • One mini book swap book
  • One mosaic mirror
  • Two mosaic side tables
  • One Oil Painting
  • One Christmas Mini Book Swap
  • One knitted purse
  • One New Year Mini Book Swap
Ok so this is everything I have made a start on which I can't wait to finish as I have at least another gazillion projects to start. Strikethrough means it is done and I will add to the list as I add to the projects!

The Scrappy Knitter

So I was thinking that if I used this blog to write down my projects that it may motivate me to get them finished!

I liked the name the Scrappy Knitter as my life is very Scrappy  as I have so much going on and I am trying to Knit all the pieces together as best as I can....

I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I look forward to following yours x

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Crafty Alley Shop at the RSVP Christmas in Killarney Fashion Event

We are delighted to be bringing our shop along to the RSVP Christmas in Killarney Fashion Event which promises to be a very fun and glamorous night. Some of our most delectable yarns and Christmas gifts will be exhibited so if you are going pop over and say hello!