Thursday, June 30, 2011

Does sorry cut it?

Because that is how I am going to start this blog with a great big apology for not writing in so long.

The lovely Evin gave us a mention on her favourite blog posts she wrote today which made me run right over here to say yes we are still here but it has been a crazy few months and yes we have neglected the blog. Actually I am changing the "we's" to a great big "I" for the rest of this post.

So whats been going on? Well the new website to be honest, night and day and day and night. It was a major job and not without its problems. The major ones, oh you know like not accepting laser cards (did I mention MAJOR problems) have been ironed out so finally we get to start work on all of the fun stuff which is why we created a new website in the first place.

I have also being debated the whole blog thing. Our new website has an integrated blog but I have been slow to move my blogging over there as here is such familiar territory. I still have not made up my mind so please leave a comment on this with your own thoughts. What I might do is write from both places for the time being and wait for divine inspiration (or google analytics) to determine where The Crafty Alley Shop blog calls home.

Ok, I cannot tell you everything that we have been up to in one blog post but I am going to start sharing more often.

So, it feels good to be back and although I think blogging should be a labour of love rather than of necessity I will be back very soon with more.

I hope you are all good and even though I have not been writting, I have been reading and keeping up to date with some of my favourite blogs so thanks Evin, from reading yours you have brought me back to here.