Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the World Wide Knit in Public Day outside The Crafty Alley Shop in Killarney this year on June 13th at noon.

Started in 1995 the World Wide Knit in Public Day is a fun event to promote the art of knitting and allow fellow knitters to get together and have some fun and show knitting is for everyone! This is the largest knitting event run in the world and shows that knitting can be a community activity.

Following on from this event we will be starting up a new knitting circle in September. We will give more details of dates and times as soon as we have them confirmed. This is a great way to meet new friends and knit over a cup of tea for a morning - bliss!

If you would like to take part come along on the day with your needles and yarn and join in - as simple as that. It may be advisable to bring a chair to sit on an an umbrella just in case. If it gets too wet we will move the event into the shop.

There will also be special discounts and promotions in the knitting section of the shop for everyone to enjoy on the day.

Over the last few weeks we have been building up a yarn section with plenty more to come in time for the big event. You can even purchase online through our new yarn section of the website.

Please email the shop at or call us on 0646630800 if you and your friends would like to take part!
For more information World Wide Knit in Public Day please visit

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Stitchlily said...

Count me in!
Looking forward to it, thought I'll be bringing my crochet....

The Crafty Alley Shop said...

Super - really look forward to seeing you there!!! I really hope we get a good turn out and the weather behaves itself but we will have some fun no matter what. I have contacted all the local papers so we should be getting some great publicity!

Thanks for your support

Stitchlily said...

Nice to meet everyone, had a great time. Hopefully see you at the kintting circle in September!

The Crafty Alley Shop said...

Thanks Stitchlily - it was lovely to meet you and thanks for telling people about us on your own sites, we really appreciate it. I will put a link back on our own.