Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A quick round up of the last few days

Hi all,

I hope you are still enjoying the sunshine? It seems to put everybody in a better mood and I hope it continues. It has been a terrible week for all of those stuck in their travel arrangements due to the volcano and I really hope that everybody arrives to their destinations as soon and as safe as possible, be it by boat, car, train or camel!

This week I took part in the RTE Radio 1 show The Business with John Murray.

We took part in a Mad Knitters Tea Party and it was both fun and extremely interesting. I have to say my favourite bit was meeting fellow entrepreneurs in the textile field as sometimes when you are running a business you are so busy you never get to meet others. Everybody was lovely and it was enlightening to see people building businesses around textiles in Ireland.

I have been researching the web a lot this week and I am always on the look out for fabulous creative resources so here is a few of my favourites I have found.
  • Sister Diane and her Crafty Pod -http://www.craftypod.com/ (Thanks Claudine for sharing this one)
  • Where Women Create -http://www.wherewomencreate.com/ (I would love to get my hands on that magazine if anybody knows a source for Ireland?)
  • To all you knitters and stitchers out there I wanted to mention Ravelry again which has to be the single best resource on the net for knitting and crochet. Great way to find the newest patters, meet fellow stitcher's and join an amazing community
  • I have also recently signed up to Milliandes community as I was trying to find a community that encompassed my favourite types of art forms including Mandalas and Art Journal and this one does it all. An amazing community for creative women and well worth a visit. 
I noticed as well that all of these people have Facebook Fan pages which is great as it means I get their updates regularly through my Facebook Page. On that note I also set up a Facebook page this week to bring all of us knitter and crocheters together. You can check it out here 

There are literally hundreds more but I don't want to bombard you so I will share a few every week! Also have yo any cool creative resources you can share back?

The sunshine always makes me want to sit outside and draw and paint. Lots of people have been asking me how to improve their drawing so here some drawing challenges over at on the network. Join in!

Happy crafting in the sun guys!


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