Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paperbag Mini Album for Dee

Hi all - this is a collage of the paper bag mini album I made for Dee as part of the Scrapzville Swap. This is actually a remake as sadly the first album never arrived to Dee. The packaging arrived damged without the album inside. The theme of the swap was an album incorporating a line from a song that had the word love in it. I chose "A song for Ireland" as Dee had asked for an album to help her remember a holiday she once had over here. It would have broken my creative soul to try and copy the first album so I started on a new blank page for this one. I really hope Dee likes it. You can also see a video which shows you the images in more detail here.

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peata said...

great mini. im sure she loves it.
wow - u made two!

toilet roll mini scrapbook comp

Cathy said...

Thanks Peata - I know I made two but I loved my swap partner Dee and it was terrible the first album never arrived. I had fun doing both. Cathy