Sunday, June 13, 2010

This week's roundup! Phew....

I cannot belive it is Sunday night and that a new week is about to start. The last one was hectic but fun, productive and happy! It started last Monday when I ran 10k as part of a Marathon relay in Cork city with four other fab girls. The whole day was such fun and I am looking forward to our next run.

Then I worked very hard finishing a cardigan I was knitting for my Mam for her birthday last month. It was hard knitting chunky in this warm weather but I was happy enough with the finished piece. No more chunky though this summer. I am now knitting a sweet owl in Artesano's 100% luscious alapaca - Inca Cloud and loving it!

Then it was World Wide Knit in Public Day WWKIP at the shop on Saturday. After a quick run to the cake stand to pick up some delicous cupcakes the girls and I took out the chairs, needles and sun glasses and knitted in bliss for a couple of hours in the baking sun (I have the sun burnt shoulders to prove it!).

Then it was time after much avoidance to finally get to know the new sewing machine I bought last year. I found it so hard to adjust from my old manual Singer to this new computerised Brother but finally today, I sat down and did it, and was thrilled with the results! I got a book from the shop called "Sew a metre" and made a cool needle roll. I think I will make one for my paint brushes next.

So that was most of the week in a nutshell. Oh also my little girl had the chicken pox, I started some very special "flying lessons" with the amazing Kelly Rae Roberts and I got to meet the lovely Nicole in the shop after nearly three years and I had a gorgeous night out with my fab hubby to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

This week coming is looking hectic but fun already!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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