Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am a lover of buttons. They are one of those things that make me happy, I don't know why. Buttons have so many purposes, they are functional, they are design features, they keep toddlers amused (while I am writing this post) and so on. They look just perfect stored in a clear jar, added to jewelery or stuck onto a painting.
We sell buttons for repair, for paper crafters, for seamstresses, for knitters, for students, for quilters for everyone. We have always sold buttons in our bricks and mortar shop in Killarney as they are a daily necessity for our customers. However as we are constantly adding more to the range we thought it was about time to bring our button collection to our online shop too.

You can now find a great range of buttons, everything from a crystal effect heart to beautiful coconut extra large buttons available in a stunning palette of colours to transform any garment. The coconut buttons are my particular favourites for knitted garments and accessories.
Keep an eye out as we add to our button collection over the coming months. And in the meantime have a think about how adding buttons to your projects could transform them.

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