Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Altered "Treat Tin"

Hi all - just wanted to share a little project I made last week. The story was that I am officially off maternity leave but for those of you who are self emplyed know you never really take proper leave as your business is like another baby! So I decided to bite the bullet and got a lovely local girl to help me out some afternoons a week so I could get into the shop. My gorgeous 4 year old little girl is very independent and likes to test boundaries (to say the least) so we wanted to come up with an incentive to encourage her to behave for the childminder. I was reading my friend Suzies blog who had designed a gorgeous journalling jar and I decided that I would make a "treat tin" for my daughter. This was made with an empty baby food tin and altered using K&Co flocked papers, alcohol inks, glimmer misted flowers and a tag. The tag has Caoimhes name on it and some cute metal embellishment that say love and a also has a little angel! I filled it with little bits of paper that have different treats on them for good behaviour. Things she loves to do like play on the beach, plant a flower, play games on Mammys computer, dressing time etc. It has worked great - when the childminder is going home everyday Caoimhe gets to pick a treat and Daddy and I let her redeem the treat at the weekend! Lots of fun.

Back to Suzies idea I am going to make a journalling jar for myself too as I really want to get more painting and art journalling done so I am giong to make a tin for myself with different prompts for personal art projects. Thanks Suzie for inspiring me and I hope this has inspired others too....

Cathy x
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gemmal said...

fantastic idea cathy (and suzie) am going to try that one myself!!!!!