Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to make some changes....

Hi all,

I don't normally like to share too much of my personal head space because although I love the world of blogging I think it is important in all aspects of your life to keep some of you just for you! However, I have been talking to lots of people recently who I think may feel the same way too so I thought I would share this.

I am a girl who thrives on change and challenge but lately I am craving a bit of space - for family, friends, creativity and health. It is good to be busy but there has to be a line drawn when busy becomes too busy that you really are not at your best and I have been feeling that way recently.

So I have decided that I am going to start working smarter and not harder in ALL aspects of my life. I won't bore you with the details of my day to day challenges but in terms of my creativity. I am a person who loves to create and try lots of new things but also fine tune existing things. There are too many books on my shelves waiting to be read, there are too many canvases waiting to be filled, there are too many fabrics still in one piece, there are too many knitting projects still on the needles and there are too many hours which I don't seem to catch in a day.

So I have decided that I am going to knuckle down a bit and concentrate on a few neglected areas and try and not start new projects until I have finished what I need to. So when I started this blog, I started with a list and I think it is time to revisit the list.

To Make List

This is the list I have either started or committed too. If it has a line through it has been completed. If it has a star next to it it means I have not started it at all. If it has a percent beside it thats how comple it is.
  1. One sister's minibook gift
  2. One little girl's cardigan 50%
  3. One Mother's cardigan 10%
  4. One little boy's jumper 90%
  5. One mini book swap book
  6. One mosaic mirror 60%
  7. Two mosaic side tables *
  8. One Oil Painting 10%
  9. One Christmas Mini Book Swap
  10. One knitted purse
  11. One New Year Mini Book Swap
  12. Scrapzville Feb Swap (redo) *
  13. TWS Feb Swap
  14. Feb Tag Swap
  15. March Tag Swap
  16. March Scrapzville Swap *
  17. One Sister in Laws Hen Night Album *
This is the list which I want to get cracking on and I am going to give myself a month for each project. I am going to try my hardest not to start any of the below until I have finished all of the above.
  1. Finish one craft book and complete all projects (even the ones I dont like to fine tune my skills)
  2. Finish one project in crochet
  3. Finish another painting
  4. Knit a home accessory
  5. One April Scrapzville Swap
Ok, there are at least another hundred projects I could add but in the name of positive change and sanity they will not get on the list until I have made good progress on the above.

So guys - thats where I am with my projects - where are you? Do you want to do a similar list and link back here and we can all encourage each other and share each others creative schedule?

Cathy xxx


Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

Cathy...this is funny but totally ironic to me. I had a couple of hours on Saturday while my mother was pampered at the hair salon (I am her full-time caregiver, she lives with my family). So I took my calendar and journal and made such a list for myself. I have been pleased that just in a couple of days I have been victorious in getting a couple of things checked off my list. Congrads on becoming focused...I have to remind myself to do that everyday since I am an artist 24/7. Love, Blessings, & {{{Hugs}}}, Rita said...

Such a fantastic idea Cathy! I know exactly what you mean. There are only so many things one can tackle and still feel good about the end result...if that result ever comes. LOL You've inspired me...I must create a list as well. Thanks for sharing. xxxx